5 super secret shock in the animated series of Pixar you probably do not know

Posted By on July 17, 2018

5 super secret shock in the animated series of Pixar you probably do not know

Pixar is a well known cartoon brand, but 18 truths and the following hypothesis will still surprise you.
Pixar is well-known for its animation studio, which makes vexmovies interesting and interesting for both children and adults. The most notable point of the Pixar films is the eye-catching colors and humanities lessons about family, friendship, life. Almost all the works of this studio are of good quality and get more profit from the box office.

However, not only does Pixar have a lot of emotion, Pixar is also an open space for fans to express their understanding of the Easter Eggs and the notion of fun. Here is a list of Pixar hypotheses that fans have set themselves or are revealed by the manufacturer.

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1. All are in the same universe

All are in the same universe

The speculations stem from the hypothesis of a man named John Negroni. He argues that all of Pixar’s films are in an extended universe and draw a line of time that fits the sequence of each film, originating in the early days of The Good Dinosaur until the end. distant fiction in Monsters, Inc. This hypothesis of John has been enjoyed by Pixar fans as a subject of discussion for many years. They even attempted to update the hypothesis to match new films, although Carson’s director, Jay Ward, said the hypothesis was just as hypothetical as Sept. 11.

2. Carl died before the journey in Up began

Carl died before the journey in Up began

Although Up has a happy ending, see the audience but there are also some ideas that the trip to the life of old Carl is not true. Carl died in the middle of the night preparing to move to a nursing home while lying in bed. The story behind is the journey to Carl’s paradise with the angel leading the Russell. This heavenly man chose the form of a boy to satisfy Ellie and Carl’s wishes. Paradise Falls is the final destination, where Carl can rest.

3. Boo is a witch

Boo is a witch

Boo in Monster Inc. is the highest rated character on Pixar’s list of the coolest animated characters. However, many still believe that Boo growing up is a mysterious witch who appears in Brave. The first evidence is that a beast resembles Sulley carved on a piece of wood in the witch’s home. She herself reveals that she possesses the capacity to travel time. A113 in Monster Inc. Also in the house of the witch, but written very lightly in Roman numerals. From the above evidence, the fans embroidered into a complete story about Boo, she is always looking for a friend of monsters in vain, trying to turn people into bear shape for less than expected nostalgia.

4. Andy’s mother is Emily

Andy's mother is Emily

The cowboy doll Jessie appears in part 2 of Toy Story revealing his former boss, Emily. Previously Jessie was very darling but later Emily had other fun and abandoned her. Many fans claim that Emily is Andy’s mother. No one has ever seen Emily’s face, but deep down from details like Jessie’s identical cowboy hat, the time when Woody’s sheriff was a popular toy on television that matched Andy’s mother’s stage. As a child, many believe that Andy’s mother had been fascinated with cowboy toys but then gave up. Her son later shared a hobby with her, so she gave Andy the hat as a reminder that she gave her stick toys.

5. Man no longer exists

Man no longer exists

Cracked’s After Hours filmmakers have set a theory that Cars and Wall-E’s universe is one. Motor vehicles and metalworking machines have developed the same consciousness and intelligence as humans and exiled them to outer space to live as in the Wall – E. The human world we see in Wall – E consists of overweight and mechanically displaced persons. The After Hours believe that it is the past many years after the cars owned the earth and put themselves into extinction.

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