6 points to the fantasy in the child’s imagination

Posted By on October 5, 2018

Not only is travel, these trips to six places will help your child realize the dream of entering the virtual world of the famous children’s film world.

South Pacific


If your child loves the cartoon character Moana, brave enough to make the family proud, take them to the South Pacific. Some of the islands, such as Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Bora Bora, or the pristine Tetiaroa coral island with a closed lagoon and the enchanting Otemanu Mountains … have inspired the scene of many films.

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)


Have your child “go find Nemo” on the fabulous Great Barrier Reef. Here, the whole family can see the characters in live-action films such as clownfish, seahorses, long-nosed butterflyfish, white sharks, sea turtles. Sydney harbor with beautiful harbor and harbor.



When your child claps to Let it go and fantasize about the icy princess, take them to Norway, visit the 500-year-old Akershus fortress like Arendelle’s castle of Anna, Elsa in Frozen. Then visit the Norsk Folkemuseum, see the traditional folk costumes as the characters wear, and visit St. Olaf has appeared in several scenes.

Chengdu (China)


Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center will help your child explore this lovely animal. It is the inspiration for Po character, the lazy panda is suddenly chosen to study Kung Fu and complete the ancient prophecy. You should also visit nearby Qingcheng Mountain to see the scenery of the village in Kung Fu Panda.



Disney filmmakers have come here to get inspiration for the famous Coco cartoon, celebrating family meaning and pursuing a dream. The picturesque colonial town of Santa Fe de la Laguna in Michoacán is home to the Rivera family in the film. Walk the magnificent Palacio de Correos de Mexico, you also recognize the familiar scene.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


Many children around the world are fascinated with the story of the Blu parrot in the popular cartoon Rio. The Blu character in the film is based on the South American Spitz macaw, which is thought to be extinct in nature, so it is difficult to find them in Rio. But your family can still admire many other unique birds. If you do not venture into the Amazon, visit the Rio botanical garden.

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