Come to Canada to see how unique the “cake in the cake” is ?

Posted By on May 18, 2018

Come to Canada to see how unique the “cake in the cake” is ?

The Big Cannoli in Toronto is the birthplace of this unique idea.

If you have ever learned about Italian cuisine, you probably already know about cannoli – the sweet little tube. This crispy pastry is bent in a tube-like shape and greasy with cream core. But this definition will change completely when you see the giant cannoli at The Big Cannoli in Toronto.

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Not as traditional as the recipe, the “oversized” tube was filled with miniature cannoles. This type of “cake in cake” has made diners extremely enjoy. With 35 pieces of “mini size” cannoli, desserts bring a lot of attractive flavor.

To make the outer shell of the big tube, the powder must be rolled by machine to make them flexible, smooth. Roll back an aluminum bar round the diameter of nearly the entire face to form hollow bowel. The cake will be fried in hot oil until turned brownish to eye-catching.


Next to it, to fill up the large hole that the worker used 35 small size cannoli for. Carefully fold each layer, gradually completing a unique cake, with the form of cake pipes.

Each size cake is traditionally made with a cream cake. The cream is also extremely diverse with 7 different flavors, most basic ricotta, chocolate chip … or attractive with lemon soothing, green tea cool. All made a variation of the delicious Italian pie, different.

Interesting, to enjoy this dish, you have to use the power to break the outer shell of the cake. As long as the powder will have more hardware, so if you want to sip, only the way to separate them into pieces. With “small” cannoli, you choose the only one.

Dishes will bring a fragrant flavor and crispy tan powder from the shell, when touching the cream, melted fat smoothly mixed together extremely attractive. A little sugar powder is sprinkled to add sweetness to the cake. Due to its size and unique design, customers also use them as a birthday cake. But with that price is also “huge”, nearly $ 60 (equivalent to more than 1 million) for each piece of cake.

Address: 28 Roytec Road, Woodbrigde, Toronto (Canada)
Opening hours: 8am – 5pm
Price: $ 60

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