Coming to Cuba to enjoy the popular banana but full of art

Posted By on August 24, 2018

Coming to Cuba to enjoy the popular banana but full of art

Cuban fries are not as monotonous as street food is familiar to us!

Fried bananas sound boring and familiar with the street food of our country. Everyone thinks, just a piece of banana breaded and fried crispy, then there is something special to say. However, when you arrive at the “heroic island” of Cuba, you will be open to the eye with a unique version of the popular snack. They are called Tostones, the traditional flavor of the country.

Tostones are translated as “double-fried bananas”. Maybe it’s because of the strange recipes that people labeled this “nickname” like that. In fact, this is just a piece of fried banana in oil, but the subtle selection of raw materials along with the combination of flavors that you will have the opportunity to experience a “familiar but strange”.

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Cuban bananas use plantain bananas, which have high starch content and are particularly low in sugar. Therefore, only fresh fried, with a crispy porridge and attractive angle should not dip powder as in our country. Each time the banana is cut to fit in a hot oil pan. Until the crust is covered in yellow color with fragrant scent, remove them.

Please enjoy it, still not complete Tostones. Squeeze the bananas fried to be squeezed into a thin slice, followed by a “bath” in another oil. If the first time, the meat inside is ripe, then the second time will be the opportunity to crunch the bones and tighten.

In the traditional way, when finished, Tostones can enjoy monotonous as a crunchy crunchy snack, sweet taste. But with creativity, there are countless variations that help the dish as a new elevation. In the strict rules, the banana fried bananas are combined with the combination of salty and sweet dishes to diversify the choice for diners.

Sometimes the banana is squeezed into a small bowl to encapsulate any beef, seafood fried or fried. Then add some more sauce, coriander … depending on the characteristics of the dish. At the time, Tostones was “dressed up” instead of the usual crusty bread. Perhaps thanks to the starch and sponge, natural sweet that “couple” this strange combination of interest.

cuba banana

At parties in Cuba, people will choose Tostones with salads and salmon to taste. The crispy golden banana topped with fresh salmon or colorful vegetables looks very attractive. At the same time, the fat and the taste of the Tostones have been the perfect way to reconcile.

Better than the type combined with cheese. Each of the slices of banana fried in the middle is fatty cheese melted, the dish is like a salty pancake full of charm. Therefore, it must be recognized, the Cubans are smart when using a popular dish to create many “culinary work” this.

Back to the traditional fried banana slices, though not as good as the variations on the but enough to impress diners. The sweet, not too harsh, crunchy texture inside of this particular material has completely changed the definition of banana fried that we eat. Coming from the street to the restaurants, Tostones has impressed Cuban cuisine in the hearts of every visitor here.

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