Destinations for nature lovers in Europe

Posted By on September 26, 2018

Europe is not only known for its castles or unique architecture, but also for its beautiful natural wonders.

You can not know that in Europe not only famous by the ancient buildings and outdoor cafe unique, but also the beautiful scenery amazing, so that every visitor to come here. admire the majestic, fascinated people of the landscape here.

Matterhorn – Borders of Switzerland and Austria


Matterhorn mountain in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. With a height of 4478m, the Matterhorn ranks only sixth among the highest mountains in Switzerland and 5 out of 22 high mountains over 4000m of the Alps.

It has no elevation but the unique terrain of the mountain has made it a symbol of Switzerland. The Matterhorn is like a pyramid with four triangular faces converging to a peak. The edges of the mountain are hewn as cut as a knife. All four sides are very steep mountains, so very little snow and ice are attached to them.

It is one of the highest mountains in the Alps and ranks among the most rugged mountains in the world. It has attracted nearly 500 climbers who have tried to conquer it.

Douro Valley – Portugal


Situated along the Douro River, the Douro Valley extends from Portugal’s eastern border to the coastal city of Porto, which is also the mouth of the river. A region with a temperate, favorable climate, the valley is a longstanding winegrowing area for 2,000 years of history and covers an area of 113 km. Although September is the annual harvest of grapes, the valley of Douro is excited to visit visitors in the rest of the year.

The beautiful vineyards in the valley of the Douro Valley around the slopes, down the river all year round. Four seasons show on the terraces of the valley of the Douro Valley in the colors that mark the growth of the vine.

The wines produced in this area are made up of various grapes out of 31 white grape varieties and 51 red grape varieties, which make up the famous Porto wine brand. Visitors can enjoy a wine-tour after a meal, but can also tour the winery and outdoor picnic along the Douro Valley by bike, yacht or hike.

Melissani Cave – Greece


Located just outside the Sami area, the Melissani Cave is an exotic attraction and one of the most visited places to visit in Greece. What is surprising to visitors is the image of a lake located inside the cave and surrounding trees.

The water in Melissani’s crystals was crystal-clear, making you sit on the boat as if you were surfing in the air. Right in the heart of the movement is a large sky portal, because the rock on the collapse of thousands of years ago formed.

Plitvice National Park – Croatia


At Plitvice National Park, waterfalls and rivers are connected in succession, linking 16 large lakes into the precious chain of Mother Earth. The dense network of Croatian karst mountains is ideal for hiking enthusiasts.

When you come here, you will easily be infatuated by the color change of the lake, from turquoise, blue, to green by the action of sunlight, minerals and other aquatic organisms. In addition, Plitvice Lake is covered with dense, green trees, making the scenery more poetic and quiet.

In addition, you can experience crossing beautiful wooden bridges such as fairy tales, hiking, biking or exploring wildlife with rich and diverse fauna and flora. Plitvice is the perfect picture of the natural world.

Black Forest – Germany


The Black Forest, in Baden-Wuerttemberg in southwestern Germany, is bordered by the Swiss border, which is a source of inspiration for the fairy tales of Grimm and also a primeval forest. The most mysterious, the most beautiful autumn tourist attraction, attracts millions of visitors each year.

This is pine forest and fir covers the vast hills and valleys. And if you are one of those who like nature and enjoy the quiet, this is a great destination. When you come to the dark forest, you will admire the pure beauty of nature, plants, rivers, villages bearing ancient German architecture …

Hallstatt – Austria


The town derives from the culture of Hallstatt, the center of European culture in the early Iron Age. With its prime location on the Dachstein mountain, facing the Hallstättersee lake, Hallstatt is a collection of unique Holzhaus-style houses along the lake. It is because of the romantic beauty that Hallstatt is known as “the jewel of Austria” or “Wonderland”.

With a history dating back to 5000 BC and being the world’s first salt mine, the town of Halllstatt still has its own romantic and peaceful beauty. Unlike many European cities, Hallstatt does not have a bar or stores open all night, so the town maintains quiet and peaceful space, even during peak tourist season.

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