Discover the most magic forests in the world

Posted By on November 30, 2018

Do you love fantasy movies and wish you were once a hero in it? Then do not forget the mysterious forest after, it’s so incredible magic that it will be the perfect background for your exciting expedition.

Wistman Forest, England


The Wistman Forest is located in the south west of England and is almost entirely covered with moss and green grass, creating a wild feel like no trace of living things. The main reason is because the forest is lined with rocks crossing the road, making the path more difficult and difficult. In addition, the trees in the forest are old stunted trees that grow between rocks, twisted branches and knotted into bizarre shapes. This phenomenon, along with the transmission of mysterious stories about the ancient Druid, the ghosts, demons … so that although the precious wood resources but this place is not exploited and retain the strokes. humorous for many years.

Pine forest Gryfino, Poland


Located near the town of Gryfino in western Poland, the bent pine forest, also known locally as the Krzywy Las, is just like a fairytale scene. No one scientist can accurately answer why all the stalks here are crooked.

Many people tell each other that this ghost forest appears due to the strange curse of the witch. However, there is another hypothesis that old farmers have shaped them in such a way that they are easier and more convenient to use as building materials, boats, furniture … but when War broke out, people fell and the forest was abandoned.

Puzzlewood Maze Forest, England


Puzzlewood Forest or Magic Forest, is a labyrinth of mesmerizing stone paths, twisted roots of exotic yew trees or beautiful bridges like the foreground. Trees and mosses in the forest grow freely on rock, on bridges, in hidden caves, on abandoned ore mines, … which create strange structures and shapes. surreal.

With mystical beauty, the forest has inspired many famous fiction films such as Lord of the Rings, Merlin and Doctor, etc. In addition, more than 3,000 coins were found from 3rd century and the remnants of the Romans who lived there.

Zhangjiajie National Forest, China


The country of the Forbidden City is indeed very fond of nature when it comes to countless unique landscapes. A typical example is Zhangjiajie. Located in Hunan Province, China, this national forest is famous around the world with limestone mountains towering like pillars of heaven, dots of green pasture cliffs, cliffs The rolling coil rumbled between the valleys and countless canyons rushing high. Surreal beauty is like the scene of this place has turned Zhangjiajie into a tourist attraction attracts thousands of visitors every year.

In addition, this spectacular natural masterpiece has also become the inspiration for director James Cameron to create the amazing Pandora planet in the hit Avatar movie.

Bao Ba Boulevard, Madagascar


The forest known as Bao Ba Boulevard is located on Malagasy Road. The forest itself is always wrapped up her magic beauty, despite the wind blowing through time. Many large trees in the area are more than 800 years old and look like they are planted in an extraterrestrial ecosystem. With its huge body, many twisted branches along the horizontal, the bumper can adapt to the harshest environmental conditions. Each tree can hold up to 300 liters of water, allowing plants to survive well for long periods of time without rain.

Dark Hedges, Ireland


For over 300 years, the oak trees in the Dark Hedges have grown and intertwined to create a beautiful natural tunnel fascinated. On a sunny day, the forest evokes a fairy-tale beauty with sparkling light and trees shining down the road. Not only impress the visitors to visit with the magic arrangement of creation, mysterious beauty, dreaming; Dark Hedges is also home to many exciting fun-filled souls hidden under the oaks.

Particularly, the fans of the movie The Kingship will undoubtedly discover that this forest is the emperor’s path that Arya Stark passed through in the second season of the movie.

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