Enjoy the feel of the fried chicken with gold 24k in US

Posted By on May 5, 2018

Enjoy the feel of the fried chicken with gold 24k in US

Fried chicken is fast food and popular, so that after gold, they have become so unexpected.
Speaking of fried chicken is that we often remember a familiar dish, have to use the handle and eat the sauce out. However, when this dish is gold plated, it becomes a better meal and class.

Chicken fried in gold is the idea of the famous food blogger – Jonathan Cheban – best friend of Kim Kardashian. Jonathan, who has more than 2.6 million followers on Instagram, is proud to say that this fried chicken is “the world’s most expensive,” but has a great flavor.

And Jonathan did not say anything wrong, the expensive fried chicken was of course processed, and the taste was completely different from that of the fried chicken. Chicken wings are carefully selected, then marinated in a mixture of coconut butter, honey and spices within 24 hours. Then, the new chicken wings are fried and covered with gold glitter.

And of course, with the chicken wings to the side, sauce can not be as popular as chili sauce, cocoa. The Ainsworth steak house is served with cheese sauce (also a premium and expensive cheese).


Along with that, of course, the price can not be “soft” too! To get a plate of 10 wings, the money you have to spend is $ 30 (equivalent to about 683k). With a 20-blade disc, it will cost about 1tr366k. And if you want to have a fried chicken feast at home with friends, you can “call the boat” a 50-pound combo with a fine champagne bottle for up to $ 1,000.

This fast-food restaurant has been launched since early May this year, but has not yet appeared throughout the Ainsworth bar chain, which is only available in New York bars. The Ainsworth is a sports bar, which hosts sporting events and snacks. In addition to the fried chicken inlaid with gold, there are also many fried chicken with a variety of unique flavors such as mustard, honey, bacon, or maple syrup.

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122 West 26th Street, New York
45 East 33rd Street, New York
Opening hours: 11am – 2pm

$ 30 (about 683k) for 10 wings inlaid with gold
$ 60 (about 1 tr366k) for 20 wings
$ 1,000 (about $ 23) for the 50-pound combo and a bottle of premium champagne.

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