Enter the fanciful space during the festival of dropping lights in Korea

Posted By on April 7, 2018

Enter the fanciful space during the festival of dropping lights in Korea

Hundreds of giant lights glowing in the middle of the night sky create a vague scene, making everyone confused because they do not know they are awake or dreaming.

Referring to the festivals dropping the lights, Thailand and Taiwan are still the first two names to remember. However, a little further, do not forget that South Korea is also home to the festival of drop lights and glittering no less nhe!

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Specifically, we have the Daegu Dalgubeol Lantern Festival – the largest dropping festival in Korea. The event was held in Daegu, the fourth largest city in Korea. Every April, thousands of international tourists and indigenous people come together to participate in activities throughout the festival season. And of course, the important and expected activity is the night sky drop.

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Recently, a clip recording the moment of dropping a light at the Daegu Festival was posted and immediately a fever. The clip is only 37 seconds long but enough for the viewer to imagine the scene was overwhelmed at that time.

In the midst of the night sky, hundreds of giant light glows into the air – creating an image that can only be seen in Studio Ghibli footage, making everyone confused by the unknown. I’m dreaming.

In the notion of many countries, the sky is the symbol of dreams and desires, so everyone hopes that the light of the sky by their own hands will fly high, far away.

If you have participated in the festival of dropping lights in Thailand or Taiwan then think of the next location is Korea offline! It was so far away from seeing this scene in my life!

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