The experience you must try when going to Nha Trang

Posted By on July 27, 2018

The experience you must try when going to Nha Trang

In August, Nha Trang is wonderfully beautiful with the blue sky without a cloud, blue sea in the bottom and coconut trees are blue as the ocean calls.
Arrive in Nha Trang in August to come to a peaceful land and clear, with interesting experiences that visitors “crush” right from the first set foot.

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Pick up the sunrise on the sea

If Phu Quoc is famous for its brilliant sunsets, Nha Trang’s specialty is the beautiful dawn to the heart of Vinh Luong. About 5:15 pm, the horizon in the east suddenly blushed, then the sun as a giant ball protruding and golden inlaid on the sea.

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When the sun is up, sit on the beach, feet to touch lightly on wet sand, to wave each toe and breathe in the chest of pure air of the sea. Ensuring this moment will be one of the unforgettable moments for visitors.

Visit paper flower street

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That small road nestled between a quiet corner of Nha Trang and covered with bright red paper flowers in the summer – Bach Thai Buoi. Paper flowers began to blossom in March, and glowed brilliantly when mixed in sunshine yellow incubation in August. To each summer, Nha Trang children often called home “Thai Hoa paper flowers have hatched. no? “

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