Explore the elite cuisine of Nepal at Kamanthu

Posted By on November 13, 2018

Nepal is influenced by many cultures and the most obvious manifestation is the diverse cuisine from many regions. In it, Kamanthu Valley – the heart of the country of Nepal, will be the ideal destination for you to explore each of the national colors in the cuisine.



Momo is a traditional Nepali cake. The cake is made from wheat flour and some yeast. Bread past is usually only meat, vegetables, tofu … but now people will add cheese or mashed potatoes. Momo will eat with achhar, a kind of tomato sauce. You can choose steamed dumplings, ravioli (with noodles like Vietnamese wonton), C-momo soup; But the best is still kothey momo – half steamed fried.



In December, Nepalese people often express their gratitude to the god who governs the harvest by making yomari. This is a cake made from glutinous rice with sugar, canola and sesame seeds, then shaped like figs and steamed by steam. This is a very popular vegetarian dish and is popular not only in Nepal but also with vegetarians around the world.

Dal Bhat


Dal Bhat is the main source of Nepalese staple food, the main ingredient is lentil soup with black lentils or bean sprouts, the perfect combination of seasoning then marinated with Himalayan herbs. Dal Bhat is usually presented in a tray of rice along with lentils, which are served with different side dishes. Dishes can include pickles, curries, meat or fish, yogurt and chili sauce.

Maas Ko Bara


No one in Kathmandu Valley can refuse Maas Ko Bara. The cakes are made with lentils soaked overnight, then mixed with masala. When the mixture is formed, the chef will shape the cake mold and fry it in mustard oil. When they are nearly nine, they will hit an egg and a few minced meat. However, you can only see Maas Ko Bara at street vendors. Sipping on the taste of Nepalese-style glutinous rice and enjoying the exquisite Maas Ko Bara will give you an unforgettable experience.

Keema Chatamari


The name of the thin crepe cake is decorated and resembles pizza but the taste is different. Keema Chatamari is a light snack and Newar specialty in the Kathmandu valley with raw materials of eggs, meat and onions.

Gorkhali sheep meat


Lamb is one of the most widely used meat in Nepalese cuisine. In particular, gorkhali lamb is a Nepalese favorite in winter. This is an attractive curry with fried lamb chops, add potatoes and chopped onion. Also, the lamb is baked and marinated in a mixture of chili before the sauce. Guests can eat lamb with rice to taste the unique Nepalese flavor.

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