Go to New York and try this monster cream

Posted By on August 4, 2018

Go to New York and try this monster cream

Come to New York, you definitely have to try the spice cream with spices and flowers this unique, nice.

New York is not only beautiful, splendid but also the starting point for new trends, most notably food. Also from the familiar flavors that one can add, create a lot of attractive dishes. In addition to the colorful unicorn-food, the desserts here also “flock to the wolves” with a lot of topping, especially ice cream and spices.

cream in new york
Pondicheri Cafe is the place to create this unique cream. Made in Indian style, from raw materials to the form of the dish is completely different than the ice cream cones we often see. From the cream to the beads inside the nut shell or beautiful cinnamon rolls decorated in a variety of special topping, all make a cool and eye-catching than ever.

cream in new york 1
The special cream of Pondicheri is that they do not use milk, fatty but retain the natural flavor of each ingredient. Butter cream is a fatty blend of avocado smoothie and freeze by hand creamers. Similarly, the menu also has the same choice as fresh mango, papaya, mint … Add coconut, egg yolk, sugar … to create a fatty, smooth plastic for the dish. .

Address: 15 West 27th Street, New York (USA)
Opening hours: 8am – 10pm
Price: $ 4 – $ 6 (about 92k – 140k)

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