‘Inside Out’ – the journey of memories of emotions

Posted By on June 20, 2018

‘Inside Out’ – the journey of memories of emotions

Pixar’s latest animated film is a work that viewers can laugh at, but soon thereafter the hands are on their eyes when they see smudge.

Founded in 1986 and has since produced many films to change the film industry, Pixar is always like “big 3D animation”. Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Up, or Toy Story have become the names of cinema history, thanks to technological breakthroughs, storytelling, and numerous awards. Every year, movie lovers are anxiously awaiting Pixar to launch new “wonders” with the creative.

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This summer, Inside Out, a five-year project directed by Pete Docter – the “father” of Monsters Inc. and Up – and co-producer Ronnie del Carmen.

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The film revolves around 11-year-old Riley moving from Minnesota to San Francisco. This is a big event because she had to split up her family, relatives to a strange city. Riley’s mentality is governed by five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear. These pieces are personified into living characters, centered in Riley’s brain control center.

Under the leadership of Joy, emotional pieces work to create daily memories for the owner. However, when she arrives with new pressures and difficulties, turbulence occurs between emotions. One day, Joy and Sadness are caught up in the long-term memory labyrinth. Here, the two meet many of the characters that existed in Riley’s mind, including the imaginary childhood friend of Bing Boong. All step into the journey to find the control center of Riley to ensure she will be happy …

“Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what they were thinking?” – a very common question to anyone in everyday life. In 2009, when her 11-year-old daughter, director Pete Docter, saw her daughter become less talkative and more closed. That made him wonder what his son was thinking and why there is such a change. The idea of exploiting a world within the human brain comes from here. Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen and their colleagues selected 27 of the most common human emotions and filtered out five typical emotions – joy, sadness, excitement, anger, fear.

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The unique and most engaging aspect of watch inside out full movie online free is the storytelling of the filmmakers from Pixar. From details such as familiarity with everyday life such as the psychological trauma of children who are familiar with the new environment, conflicts with their teenage family, The eye has been “colored” into five main colors. It is gold representing joy, blue is sadness, green is redemption, red represents anger and purple symbolizes fear. Previously, Pixar showed that they exploit animals, robots, monsters, or even toys that are very emotional. Now the emotions in every human being have become the main characters also have soul and sharp senses.

Pixar cartoons have never been just entertaining. Behind the bright, cute pictures that make children tickle are always valuable messages, intense emotions that even adults must be aware of. With Inside Out is a story about maturity, joy and sadness. The human brain can not hold all the memories. There are moments that will be forgotten by the years, pushed down “memory land” and dissolved as never before. There will be memories, whether filled with tears or filled with laughter, will be with us forever. Everyone must grow up, experience life, receive new memories to come one day, old memories overflowing with bring back. The journey to happiness always goes through hard times, hardships and tears. Only after living up to their own emotions can anyone find the brightest smile.

In the movies online for free full movies, Sadness is not sure what his mission is but remains an integral piece in Riley’s brain control center. Have you ever wondered why the tears can appear in the happy moments, the most touching? Why can they do away with sadness? What if each person’s memories were just fun? Each of the viewers will find the answer at the end of the movie.

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