Which movie will replace “Quynh doll”?

Posted By on July 12, 2018

“Happiness is not at the end of the road” (33 episodes) is a psychological theme film, directed by director Khai Hung. Content twists the story of the journey to find the happiness of people living in turbulent times.
One scene in the movie “Happiness is not at the end of the road”
Although passing the university with a very high score, but the family situation is too difficult, forcing Thuc Quyen to abandon the dream of students, applying for jobs to make money to help families. Her clever and graceful beginnings filled a happy life: Thuc Quyen married Quang, Director of the Green Mall. The life is beautiful as dream and drift away, who sheltered the wind from where came to the small family. Quang lost his job and moved to work. He was cheated by his ex-wife’s family, became a public servant, used state money for the wrong purpose, and ran away.

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Facing the difficult reality, Thuc Quyen did not step back. She calmly considered and tried to overcome difficult times, save her husband escape. With the inherent intelligence and determination, the support of many good friends, Thuc Quyen not only pay off old debts, protect the family happiness, but also build a large business, steady in life.

Social drama “Happiness is not at the end of the road” will fill the movie “Quynh doll” with more violence.
The film exploits the period of Vietnam’s transition from a centralized bureaucracy to a market economy. There is a journey of seeking the happiness of people living in transition. They have gone through many vicissitudes of life, subjected to the strong influence of the society is transforming itself. And in that journey, those who cherish life will understand and grasp the happiness. Besides, another message is also conveyed: Many people are forever unhappy, because when it came, they did not realize, ambition, jealousy has covered up all.

“Happiness is not at the end of the road” has a very strong script about the transition period, is expressed by the professional cast: Thuy Duong, Hong Quang, Kieu Thanh, Dieu Thuan, Chi Trung … The film promises to bring special vibe to those who have experienced this special stage.

“Happiness is not at the end of the road” will be broadcasted at 20:45 on Thursday and Friday on VTV1, starting July 12th.

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