Do not know Dalat, there is a Bao Loc with many places that make people love this

Posted By on March 22, 2018

Do not know Dalat, there is a Bao Loc with many places that make people love this

Bao Loc is considered as an undiscovered treasure of the tourism industry, with wild nature, rustic and idyllic people, and a myriad of beautiful landscapes.

Advantages to travel Bao Loc take off is close to Da Lat – a popular tourist destination in and outside the country. With a highland resort tour, before you come to Dalat, visitors will stop, stay at Bao Loc to admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the taste of this special place. .

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Speaking of Bao Loc, the pictures of green tea hills, winding on the hills, stretches out, mesmerizes in the mist that appears in the minds of people. The image that inspired the trip to explore the tea hill scene early in the morning, watching the dew drops on each of the beautiful tea leaves, and then hands on each tea buds are still sleepy early in the morning that’s it.

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The land of Bao Loc is endowed with favorable conditions for the development of tea-plant specialties, becoming the local treasures with the “capital” of B’Lao tea known at home and abroad. Every year, Lam Dong organizes Tea Culture and Silk Week, a unique festival to honor the “capital” of B’Lao tea and Bao Loc mulberry. Come here, visitors to discover tea space, tea at Vong Nguyet Tea with the architecture of ancient houses and sightseeing.

Not only tea, Bao Loc also hug the scenery lyrical, fanciful, wrecked guests far away with the beautiful waterfalls. Dambri Falls, Dong Nai Lake, Tam Hop Waterfall, Cau Doi Waterfall, Ta Thoi River Falls are nestled in wild nature.

For long, the world, the visitors are extremely interested in conquering, admire the beautiful waterfall in Bao Loc. Majestic Dambri waterfall with a height of 57m, or rugged with scenery and way to Ta Ngao waterfall.

Next, nature also offers Bao Loc unique beauty that is hard to find. On May every year, thousands of tourists around Bao Loc to be located on chocolate land in Nam Phuong II Lake area, only 7km from the city center. Here, a large area of shallow water becomes dry, cracked, many deep cracking creates a spectacular scene. Standing here, people think they are standing on the sweet “chocolate bar” and watching the water scene on one side and the grass on one side.

Or like picturesque scenery with grassy hills and green lakes. Bao Loc people call this lake is the first by the blue water as natural jade spread over an area of about 20 hectares. Then, right in the middle of the street, guests crossed innocently before the beauty of the roses that many people call pink flowers. This is a type of tree, with an average height of 10 – 15 m. In Bao Loc there are more than 2,000 trees, in cold weather roses blossoming tree brings warmth to the space.

Spent space Bao Loc was beautiful, attractive, distant legs far away, but the children here are creative to contribute to nature unique wonders. In the new year of 2018, young people rushed to Bao Loc to find the choppy chapel house only thought in the fairy. A local people in Loc Phat, Bao Loc create flowers chilli clusters on the roof. In the flowering season from spring to late summer, the house glows with orange color and attracts every look and moan when passing by.

In addition to the natural beauty, Bao Loc also contains ancient architecture with the temple, the Amitabha Temple, Amitabha Temple, Phuoc Hue pagoda, Bat Nha Monastery, Holy Mother Temple, European Architecture White Castle , along the scenery of Nam Phuong Lake, Loc Thanh Lake, Coffee Hill, Strawberry Hill,

Convenient transportation infrastructure is a favorable condition for tourists to visit Bao Loc, especially after the national road No 20 has been completed, the Dau Giay – Lien Khuong expressway has been put into use. At present, there are 88 accommodation establishments in Bao Loc city; Among them, there are 6 2 star hotels, 33 1 star hotels, 13 tourist resorts, 1 tourist resort and 1 tourist camping site. Traveling quickly with taxi system, passenger service.

Bao Loc is a land of prosperity on the Di Linh Plateau, an important transportation hub of Lam Dong in connection with the provinces of the Southeast and South Central Coast. The climate is mild, cool throughout the year, the average annual temperature is 21-22 ° C, Bao Loc has the potential to become a tourist destination.

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