Smash the heat of Saigon with these cool and cool new dishes

Posted By on April 14, 2018

Smash the heat of Saigon with these cool and cool new dishes

With hot weather in Saigon, many new desserts and desserts have been born and help the Saigon guests dispel the heat in the people.

Nowadays, the weather in Saigon is getting hotter and sometimes the temperature is 35-36 degrees Celsius. In the heat of the summer, people want to find a dessert. Cool new cool to cool. Ice cream, or bingsu … anything is enough, but perhaps the food is always boring, so we would like to introduce new flavors and no less good taste to help dispel you go to the summer heat in Saigon.

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Cream cake with ice cream

Cake with ice cream is no stranger to the Saigon youth, however, to refresh the taste, you try to enjoy Melon Pan Ice just appeared recently. Instead of the usual breads, waffles …, now the cake is changed into a very strange melon cake.


Melon is a famous pastry of Japan, the characteristics of the cake is the softness of the kernel is covered with crispy crust outside. The palm-fringed round bun, which should be baked on the spot should bring a nose aroma, fat butter taste just mild mouth not too much.

Especially, the cake is combined with cream to bring cool cool taste attractive. Ice cream is made from Japanese ingredients so it is more flexible and aromatic. There are countless flavors for you to choose, the most traditional is matcha bar cool, bitter, otherwise vanilla, strawberry, caramel, chocolate …

When you eat, you can scoop each scoop of ice cream and tear the cakes together. But the best is to bake the whole cake, so full sense of taste between the crust of hot crispy rice and cream melted in the mouth gradually melted. Although fresh in Saigon, but the new flavor of this dish has attracted young people to experience.

Address: 89 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1
Opening hours: 8am – 11pm
Price: 69k

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