Thanos will make thousands of people “disappear” in the next 4 days?

Posted By on July 6, 2018

Thanos  will make thousands of people “disappear” in the next 4 days?

Thanos would be proud to know that the “Thanos Do not Do It” channel on Reddit’s social networking site randomly prepares half of its members.

Since his appearance in the Infinity War and determined to carry out his population planning, he has had a strong fan base. But not easy to be a fan of the crazy Titan, do not believe asked the members of the Reddit social network that view. 300000 people claiming to be members of Black Order on the subreddit channel may be excited to wait until the day of “flying color”. The reason is that imitating Thanos, the admins of the subreddit channel “Thanos Did Nothing Wrong” prepare half of their members out of the group randomly. This will be done on July 9.


As a joke, the rumors that admins and mods (moderators) of the channel “Thanos do not do wrong” will eliminate randomly half of the members have become reality. What a dark night for the members of Black Hoi. One of the initiators of the purge was the The-Jedi-Apprentice account, which explained why they did not make a “massacre” on the 4th of July Independence Day because engineers were busy hanging out with them. family, so it was moved to July 9 for people to prepare in time. You can watch movie Avengers: Infinity War in megashare9 movie.

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This event may be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records with the title “Many users removed from the online forum within an hour.” Like the Infinity War, it is not clear whether these members will be temporarily or permanently colored, but let’s pray for them not to wait for the Avengers 4 to launch on May 3, reload.

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