Top Islands in Oceania for Vacations

Posted By on October 26, 2016

Oceania has been known more for beautiful destination thanks to Oceania map of island which include majorly Pacific island. Check out these islands below for next vacations in Oceania.

“Islands are natural workshops of evolution”

— Richard Dawkins from famous quotes about life

The 8 most beautiful islands in Oceania (2)

Beautiful coastline of Lifou in New Caledonia

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Australia Famous for its untouched landscapes and natural wonders, Australia is a favourite island holiday destination for millions of tourists. From arid deserts to beautiful beaches to tropical rainforests, one can find almost anything in Australia. Fiji Fiji comprises of approximately 330 islands with spectacular beaches and offers great opportunities for diving, snorkelling, surfing as well as bird watching and trekking. Fiji has lots of affordable resorts and accommodation places. It covers about 1.3 million square kilometers of the South Pacific Ocean. The two major islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Today Fiji has one of the most developed economies of the Pacific islands. Guam Turquoise sea, stunning white beaches, water sports and coral reefs are the main attractions of Guam. The variable landscape of Guam includes waterfalls, jungles, mountains and cliffs definite to appeal to adventure lovers. Shopping in Guam is tax free which makes it highly popular. New Caledonia New Caledonia is situated 1500 kms east of Australia, in the heart of the South Pacific. It is an isolated group of islands with the most notable islands being Grande Terre, Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines, and a number of smaller outlying islands. Even though this place is not commonly known as a holiday destination but the rainforests and lovely tropical beaches earn it a place in the list of top 10 island holidays in Oceania. The place is increasingly getting popular with its French cuisines, unique wildlife and nightlife options. Northern Mariana Islands The stunning white long beaches of Northern Mariana Islands are great for water sport activities and sunbathing. Apart from volcanoes, jungles and beaches there are plenty of entertainment options available for tourists.

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